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The first Brian Joubert's autobiography, that we get before its publication the next week, allows the skater, sixth at the last Olympic Games, to criticize himself seriously. He discloses there many touching or cutting secrets. Confessions.

We haven't heard you since your failure in the OG. How did you take it?

Brian Joubert : I isolated myself. I didn't listen to what they said about me. I tried to avoid to be destabbilized before the World Championships in Calgary, which stay an objective. I was very disapointed by my performance and especially by repercussions after that. It seems that poeple made fun of me. I forged a shell to myself and continued with training.

After Torino, humorists seized your character. How do you live this new side of your fame?

Brian Joubert : I don't care about fame but now I am in the "Guignols" of Canal + (a French TV program which parodies politics, singers, actors, sportsman, etc... with big puppets). It means as well that poeple reconize me. By the way I would like to see the sketch, I was talked about it. I am able to laugh of it.

In your book, you explain that you think about next season, considering leaving Poitiers and changing your staff...

BJ : I still envisage the best for me, because I am still young. I am ready to do importants sacrifices to continue to make progress and improve my results. If I have to leave Poitiers, I will do it.

You criticize yourself seriously in your book. You notably say that you "you sometimes rest on your laurels" and "you do exactly as you please"...

BJ : It is my upbringing, I frankly say things even if sometimes it isn't good to say. I never make fuss! But I stay aware of my faults.

According to the narrative of your conflict with the federation last season, or your two separations with your coach Veronique Guyon, we deduce that you still don't have swallow all of it...

BJ : The episode with the federation is closed. As for Vero (Veronique Guyon), we worked together during 15 years and our seperation's wound will stay open forever.

You reveal as well that in Calgary you will take your take "Matrix", the program thanks you won the European Championships in 2004...

BJ : My free program on Lord of the Dance progressed this season. We worked very much on it, but I saw in the OG that it was too exacting, too risky with this new judging system. In fact I panicked on this program. It is no use persisting.

We learn that you almost adopt a children in Poland...

BJ : I skated in front of 40 000 poeple for a polish charity.Then we visited an hospital for childrens. I still can see the face of this children. If it was just up to me, I would adopt him."

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